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Thursday, August 8, 2013

With All My Heart

Hey, "Yes Girls"!! This is so exciting. I haven't used my blog in quite a while and now here I am, excited to share and I cannot wait to read all of your blogs.

The verse this week was a great one for me. My life has gotten a little off-track lately. I have not been attending church for quite some time now and I have been praying and asking God for clarity in this area for a long time and just don't feel that I have heard Him yet. Another major thing going for me is that my youngest child turned 16 and has been driving since January. He is very active at school and has lots of friends (I am so proud of him!!), but he is gone a lot and I have to face the fact that being a"mommy" is over. I will always be a mom but my three incredible, independent babies really don't need a "mommy" anymore. And being a mommy has been my main focus for 29 years (I had my first baby at age 16 and then spread them out pretty far apart) So, the question ringing in my head is..."Now What??"

So, this week as I spent time with God and pondered how to love him with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength, He watered my being with some foundational truths. He reminded me how very much HE loves me. He calls me His own. He loves me unconditionally. He loves me with grace, mercy, tenderness and passion. I don't have to DO anything to be loved by Him. Even when I mess up, even when I'm lazy, broken, rude, unhappy and just plain wrong.....HE STILL LOVES ME!!!!

It's hard for me to even understand that kind of love. I can relate it to the way I love my children. I really can't imagine them doing anything that could make me not love them. But I know God's love is even purer, even sweeter, even bigger than that. So, as He poured His love into me this week, reminding me at every turn of my day that He Had me covered in grace and mercy.............I realized MY heart was BURSTING with love for HIM.

So, I think that sometimes when I'm trying to love God, like really working on how I'm loving Him and if it's enough or in the right ways, I am missing the point. Those are times I need to re-learn, re-remember how very much He loves me because when the truth is re-planted in my heart - then loving Him with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength isn't optional, isn't something I'm working on, it's just reality. How can I not love my Father who loves me with no boundaries, no conditions, no reservations. I am a BELOVED child of the King of Kings. WOW!!!!

I hope this blesses some of you as I have been so blessed this week by the honesty and encouragement on the blog and in my Facebook group. Have a great weekend and remember God loves YOU!!!